Our Story

It’s simple. We’re British Indian. That’s me Zainu and my business partner Saj – she’s my sister first though!  Our dad is from Gujarat, it’s a jewel on the west side apparently; and our mum was born in Tanzania, Africa, but her family also originates from exotic India.

Luxurious home decor

Anyway, my sister and I recently discovered a gold mine in another part of India: Banaras, a city on the banks of the River Ganga. Not literally! We discovered it's the heart of all things glorious. Silks and sophistication.

Passionately handcrafted and beautifully embroidered silk, organza, chiffon, velvet, and many more luxurious fabrics; in the range of bedding, table cloths, runners and dinner sets, cushion covers, and tissue box covers. Having entered this word of gorgeousness,  we decided not to just leave it there. So we created Indian Interiors.

Our vision is to make these exclusive creations and unique decorations accessible to you. We want you to enter a spectacular world of beauty every time you enter your home too.

The moral of the story is try something new from our range of colours bold and striking, fabrics out of this world, and quality that will leave you stroking in awe - You won't regret it!