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As a Retailer and Wholesaler , we want to bring the world of silks and sophistication to the ordinary consumer like me and you, for your own consumption  - so make your home feel special with some of our beauties. Or as a unique gift for a loved one. You simple won't go wrong presenting this at a special occasion. Exclusive and well thought out! Share your luxurious taste with others.


We also want to bring our selection to the grander business consumer like hotel chains, restaurants or event organisers. We can take large orders of what you see on our website but are also very excited to be able to customise products and personalise them for you.


And lastly, we are also really pleased to share that we offer a bespoke service for those that want to design their own products to make it unique and special, tell us of the fabrics, colours and designs you want - and as we are in direct contact with the manufactures, we can cut all middle people costs and give you a great price.

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